Should we BUY our trade show exhibit?

How much can we afford to spend on it?  Should we rent a booth to save money? What will we end up looking like at the show?

These questions are debated in the hallways and conference rooms of every company that utilizes trade show exhibiting as part of their overall marketing strategy.  And quite often it’s the capital expenditure allowance allocated for the purchase of an exhibit that determines what kind of “branch office environment” a company is able to deploy for their important industry trade shows.  But in tough economic times, many companies are finding that capital expenditure money has been axed by senior management, who are cutting costs and h

oarding cash as a defensive play against an uncertain economy.  The irony here is that in a down economy, it is even MORE important for companies to “get out there” and be face to face with their customers and prospects.  To extend their brands in the most impactful way possible.  But what kind of exhibit can you really afford to build?

Cost-sensitive buyers are looking to stretch their budgets.

At Trade Show Supply, we’ve learned that by providing companies with more payment options for their trade show exhibit booths, we help them in ways that banks, equipment lenders, and even their own accounting departments are unable to assist them.  By providing creative “payment options”, we are able to aid exhibitors who want to create their ultimate exhibit booth.

Here are 11 ways exhibitors can stretch their budgets when paying for their trade show exhibit solution:

  1. Straight purchase (50 deposit /50 balance due upon delivery)
  2. Cash discount option for 100% prepayment of your exhibit (3% – 5% discount for  prepayment)
  3. Lease purchase with monthly payments (2 payments required to initiate your new build)
  4. Lease purchase with quarterly payments (1 payment required to initiate your new build)
  5. Lease purchase with annual payments (2 payments required to initiate your new build)
  6. Lease purchase with u-pick-it payments (you determine what months your payments are).  Great for companies with big cashflow swings throughout the year.
  7. Straight rental (rent the exhibit hardware  and buy the graphic messaging specific to your company)
  8. Creative rental (purchase some exhibit hardware and graphics, rent some exhibit hardware)
  9. Extended rental  (a lease purchase with 10% buyout option—keeping your payments lower— but you never exercise the buyout option) – good for multiple events over one year.
  10. Lease purchase with 1% buyout option
  11. Multiple show rental contract (locks in inventory availability and better pricing)

To find the perfect exhibit for your organization, browse our Trade Show Exhibit Design Gallery. For more information about buying a booth, creative display rental solutions, or lease purchase options for exhibit properties, Contact Us.