Over 65% of adults are visual learners, meaning we absorb information presented in a visual way better than auditory. Why is this important? Because it means if you don’t use a visual stimulus at a trade show, you might not gain the attention of over half of show attendees. How do you avoid making this fatal mistake? Go beyond simple pop-up displays and standard information pamphlets by stimulating an attendee’s visual experience with a product display or demonstration.

Our team at Trade Show Supply compiled the best product display and demonstration options available to help your company create and interesting and engaging booth at your next show.




Mannequins are an oldie, but a goodie as they allow a buyer to envision themselves wearing or using your products. While industry standards call for new products to be put on display, keep your target demographic in mind when exhibiting at a trade show! Your newest or “hottest” product doesn’t necessarily have to be on display if you can display another product that is more relevant to show attendees.

Seoul Exhibit With Shelving

Shelving & Display Cases

Shelves can be a simple way of displaying your products, but don’t mistake simple for boring! When utilizing shelving, it’s important to keep your goals for the show in mind and to try to get into the mind of your ideal client. For example, if you’re displaying food, stock the shelves to resemble how your product would look in a grocery store and keep displays at eye level to create a “fuller” look.

For small objects or higher price point items, open shelving may not be the best display option. Consider display cases with dynamic lighting or lockable cases for your smaller and/or more expensive items!

Live Demonstrations

Live Demos

Creating a space for live demonstrations in your booth can be very simple, but does this option fit your brand? For most, the answer is YES! There are many factors that play into the success of a live demo. Research indicates that a demonstration should last only two to four minutes, so keep this in mind while planning. Also, practice makes perfect! Two to three weeks prior to the show, begin practicing and role playing your live demo to ensure you have worked out any awkward pauses or technical difficulties.

We have found that live demos work wonderfully for anyone in the food industry. One of our recent clients specializes in all-natural frozen pizzas. We worked with them to create a booth space that looked like an Italian kitchen, equipped with an oven, stove top, and kitchen counter space. Our client also employed a charismatic chef, who was both attention grabbing and familiar with their entire product line. Their booth attracted people with the scent, kept them around for the food and their character of a chef delighted the crowd with more information about the products. The key to an attendee’s heart is through their stomach, after all.

Trade Show Booth Games


Engaging games can be as simple as a bean bag toss or as complicated as a setting up a full video game competition. When deciding on a game type, consider your budget, your target demographic, and goals for the show. One of our recent clients who develops aviation navigation software enticed NBAA-NACE attendees with an interactive game. For lead capture, all participants had to enter their contact information into an iPad before beginning the game. These tactics emphasized the importance of their software, while entertaining attendees and successfully capturing lead contact information.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

This innovative technology is becoming more readily available for the public to utilize for both recreational and business purposes. VR has been very trendy over the last couple of years and is a great attraction for any business because of its design flexibility and interactive options. For example, a company that specializes in exotic scuba diving excursions would have a difficult time displaying their service. Fortunately, a 360-degree video can allow an attendee to experience what their dive would be like from a diver’s perspective! All work and no play, makes for a dull trade show, though! Consider how the VR game options available can be utilized for your next exhibit and become the talk of the trade show.

Audio Visual Displays

Audio Visual (A/V)

Incorporating a TV or computer display into your booth can be a fantastic addition when your company has a product that is difficult to demonstrate. For a product like Sharkbanz, a magnetic shark repellant device created for surfers and divers, a video of their product in action has worked wonderfully at trade shows. Product demonstration videos are low cost and allow Sharkbanz to explain how their product works when someone is submerged in the open water. By using A/V technology at trade shows, Sharkbanz could demonstrate the legitimacy of their product.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation

Speech or Presentation

Trade shows offer many opportunities to host workshops, deliver a lecture or present a product to passerby on the show floor. It is important to note that many of these opportunities are only available through sponsorships, so conducting research beforehand to discover your options is vital. If there is an opportunity for your CEO or company leadership to teach other industry professionals about a new, groundbreaking product – take it! When delivering a speech or presentation, it’s recommended that you direct show attendees to your booth afterward. Not only can this increase your booth traffic, but it can also help increase your lead collection.

As you can see, there are a variety of product display and demonstration options available to trade show exhibitors! At Trade Show Supply, we specialize not only in building high-quality and attention-grabbing exhibits for our clients, but we can also assist with virtual reality development, mannequin and A/V rentals and so much more.

To learn more about our services or to talk to one of our Account Managers, email info@tradeshowsupply.com or call 1-800-451-0716.

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