This December, Trade Show Supply’s Orlando office decided to decorate the office with a Personali-Trees holiday tree decorating competition. Here’s how the competition worked:

  • The office was divided into 3 teams: Marketing/Design, Sales and Logistics/Operations
  • Each team was provided with a pre-lit tree and $50 for holiday decorations
  • Decorations could only be Trade Show Supply’s colors – blue or orange! Absolutely no red, green or other colors were accepted.
  • After having 2 business days for shopping and preparing, each team had 1 hour to decorate their tree!

Sounds easy enough, right? Take a look at our masterpieces:

Team 1: Marketing & Design











Team 2: Sales












Team 3: Logistics & Operations

personali-trees2 personalitrees-opps













The contrast between each team’s tree was much greater than we initially anticipated. As you can see from the pictures, Marketing and Design’s (Team 1) tree was certainly the most glitter adorned.

A few other things we noticed about Team 1’s tree:

  • The tree featured handmade ornaments of social media and marketing software icons. To adhere to the competition’s rules, icons were modified to blue or orange in Photoshop.
  • It was the only tree with presents at the bottom.
  • It featured custom-made ornaments with Trade Show Supply’s logo.
  • It was the only tree that featured ribbon cascading down.

Moving on to Sales’ (Team 2) tree, it featured far more dark blue than Team 1’s tree did.

A few other things we noted about Team 2’s tree:

  • It was the only tree that featured store bought blue lights.
  • It was the only tree that did not adhere to the blue and orange only rule. Although it may be difficult to see in the photos, Team 2’s tree featured red candy canes and all white ornaments.
  • This tree featured carpet and vinyl flooring color swatches as ornaments.

Moving on to Logistics and Operations’ (Team 3) tree, you can see that this tree looks the least conventional as it features few store bought items, but is dazzled with handmade ornaments.

A few other things we noted about Team 3’s tree:

  • It was adorned with tools the Logistics and Operations team uses on a daily basis: drills, screwdrivers and box cutters.
  • Rather than using ribbon like Teams 1 and 2, Team 3 decorated their tree using orange and blue duct tape.
  • It was the only tree with a tree skirt and was the only tree covered in fake snow (both items were made from sintra).
  • It featured a custom-made tree topper.

So What Was the Point of This? 

Although all 3 teams were working toward the same goal of decorating a holiday tree within 1 hour, this activity highlighted each department’s different personalities in a way that, we think, is unique. While Marketing and Design (Team 1) was concerned with creating a glitter adorned tree with well-known social media icons, Sales (Team 2) featured a product they sell to clients daily (flooring). And while Team 2 focused on featuring a product they regularly quote, Logistics and Operations (Team 3) used tools in the warehouse to fabricate a custom made tree skirt, tree topper, ornaments and faux snow.

To see more Personali-Tree photos, click here to view our Holiday 2016 album on Facebook!

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