One of our most recent clients is the Director of Marketing for a privately-owned tech company. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him John. John came to Trade Show Supply this summer, frustrated and annoyed, after his previous exhibit provider – which we’ll call Blue Exhibits – failed to adhere to a show’s line of sight rules, costing John additional fees and valuable time just one day before the show opened to the public.

Just months before his company’s biggest trade show of the year, John worked with Blue Exhibits to perfect a brand-new exhibit design. John approved the design, signed the paperwork, paid the invoice and showed up to the event venue a few months later, only to learn that his beautiful new booth exceeded the show’s height restrictions. Understandably, John was angry as Blue Exhibits should have known the show’s line of sight guidelines and height restrictions.

At Trade Show Supply, we hope you never encounter an experience like John’s. Rest assured – should you partner with us, our team of Exhibit Specialists will ensure your booth design adheres to your show’s height restrictions and line of sight guidelines.

In the meantime – to help you avoid a situation similar to his, we’ve created a handy infographic that includes various line of sight rules and height restrictions for inlines, islands and everything in between. 

Enjoy the infographic and happy exhibiting!





























Have additional questions about line of sight rules? Email us at and an Exhibit Specialist will respond to you ASAP!

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