As 2016 comes to an end, our team has been reflecting on projects that provided us with opportunities to showcase creativity, functionality and our industry expertise. Although each project presented its own challenges, our team worked diligently to ensure that each exhibit was executed flawlessly to help our clients drive traffic, increase lead acquisition, execute product demonstrations and, ultimately, grow their businesses through their trade show program.

Without further ado, take a look some of the exhibits we deem our “Best of 2016.”

SSI Exhibit Booth

Scuba Schools International (SSI)

Show: DEMA 

Orlando, FL

Product: Diving Education and Training Classes

Exhibit Size: 30×40

Scuba Schools International (SSI) was a premier sponsor for DEMA Show 2016.  With a hard-to-miss location on the main aisle, SSI needed several meeting spaces throughout their booth and a center structure to display custom graphics and inconspicuously accommodate storage space.  Using 8 high-top meeting tables along the booth’s perimeter, we built a classic closet with SSI branding in the center of the space and added a circular hanging sign up top.  Using a similar concept on the other side of the aisle, we tied this exhibit design in with SSI’s partner- Mares.

Mares Exhibit Booth


Show:  DEMA 

Orlando, FL

Product: Scuba and Diving Equipment

Exhibit Size: 30×40

As a leading producer of scuba equipment, Mares needed ample space in their DEMA booth for product display and storage.  Our design team worked with Mares to create a function-forward exhibit that showcased their products beautifully.  With 4 free-standing closets doubling as product display areas and a 15-foot tower, we mirrored SSI’s booth configuration and, ultimately, helped Mares have a successful show.




Las Vegas, NV

Product: POS Payment Software and Terminals

Exhibit Size: 20×20

The goal for Dejavoo Systems exhibiting space at TRANSACT 16 Las Vegas was to showcase their POS terminals in mock-environments and to demonstrate their advanced Secure Payment Integration (SPIn) system.

Our design team created a dry cleaner’s store front on one side of the 20×20 space and a bar/lounge on the opposite side.  A third demo station with branded podiums allowed for multiple demos at a time and the fourth side of the exhibit included a cozy meeting space with two sofas and coffee table.  The storage tower in the center of the exhibit allowed for the four distinct environments to function independently while keeping Dejavoo’s branding consistent with a hanging sign.


Village Farms

Show: PMA Fresh Summit 2016

Orlando, FL

Product: Hydroponic, Greenhouse Grown Produce

Exhibit Size: 30×40

When Village Farms decided their trade show program needed an upgrade, our design team went to work on this show-stopping concept.  As a greenhouse grown produce company, their custom exhibit mimics the feel of a rustic greenhouse complete with two private conference rooms, a cooking demonstration stage and lots of product display areas along the perimeter of the booth space.

Using reclaimed wood from Gleman and Sons, our production team created custom accents, including a feature wall behind the chef’s station. Using industrial pipe for bases and barn door slats for tabletops, we also created unique conference tables that were the focal point of the meeting rooms. The final exhibit was both functional and a work of art on the PMA Fresh Summit show floor!

Superfeet at The Running Event 2016


Show: The Running Event 2016

Orlando, FL

Product: Premium Insole and Shoe Inserts

Exhibit Size: 20×30

As a leader in premium insoles and shoe inserts, Superfeewanted to display their range of products in an artful way at The Running Event in Orlando.  Utilizing glowing pedestals to premier new insoles and a back wall to display over 50 existing products, this booth featured a functional flow for attendees to view products and interact with Superfeet’s staff.

Hp The Running Event 2016


Show: The Running Event 2016

Orlando, FL

Product: Customer Footwear Technology

Exhibit Size: 20×20

Teaming up with Superfeet and RSscan, HP wanted an exhibit solution to demonstrate how their Sprout 3D desktops can be utilized for the custom footwear sector.

Attendees started their experience at one end of the glowing tunnel by removing their shoes and having an initial scan taken of their foot.  Through the runway, base plates measure their foot’s stride.  In the final archway, a combined 3D scan created the perfect fitted insole.  This was a fun, interactive exhibit that engaged attendees through a immersive experience!

Quotient at AABB 2016


Show: AABB Annual Meeting 2016

Orlando, FL

Product: Transfusion Diagnostics Product Developers and Manufacturing

Exhibit Size: 40×40

With the dilemma of having competition sprinkled throughout AABB, Quotient decided that they needed a booth that could be seen from anywhere on the show floor to really “wow” attendees and avoid getting lost in the crowd. Our team accomplished this by creating a 20-foot custom fabric hanging sign with four spot lights to illuminate the sign. With these lights, the exhibit space was illuminated from every angle, making this exhibit space truly attention grabbing.

While the exhibit design attracted a crowd, privacy was a key component of their space as well. Their space also featured a 20×20 conference room that was constructed for private demonstrations and meetings. The final exhibit was both enticing and functional!

Absolute Yachts FLIBS 2016

Absolute Yachts

Show: Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016 (FLIBS)

Product: Luxury Yachts

Exhibit Size: 20×30

For FLIBS 2016, Absolute Yachts wanted to bring a feeling of luxury and leisure to their floating dock exhibit space. Our design team worked to create a high-end lounge concept, that allowed the Absolute team to entertain and tell the brand’s story. The lounge area included a small bar area, where attendees could enjoy refreshments and relax comfortably while the booth’s staff met with clients in private and semi-private meeting rooms.


Geo-Web 3D

Geo-Web 3D

Show: Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

Product: Standalone GIS Visualization Application

Exhibit Size: 20×20

With a unique product comes a unique exhibit design! For Geo-Web 3D, our design team created an open, modern design that allowed booth staff to easily interact with attendees and demonstrate their product. To do this, we incorporated multiple presentation areas, complete with large monitor displays and laptops for product walkthroughs. Complete with a quaint café table for meetings, this space was both simple and effective.

Glyph Production Technology

Glyph Production Technologies

Show: NAB Show 2016

Product: USA Manufactured External Hard Drives and Sold State Drives (SSDs)

Exhibit Size: 20×20

Glyph Production Technologies needed a sleek and high-end way to display their US manufactured external hard drives and SSDs, along with a live demonstration area. By creating of a large, curved backwall with LED accent lights that illuminated a dramatic graphic, we were able to grab show attendees’ attention. We completed the space with three demonstration areas, including two large counter spaces where products were displayed. The combination of the striking graphics and functioning display areas made this a knockout exhibit!

From all of us at Trade Show Supply, we’d like to thank all of our amazing clients of 2016. We had successful year and none of it would have been possible without the opportunities and challenges our clients presented to us. 

We look forward to the partnerships, friendships and projects that 2017 will bring!

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