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5 Ways to Reduce Your Drayage Costs

Drayage is one of the most misunderstood and infuriating trade show expenses that exhibitors encounter. Drayage -- also referred to as material handling -- is an industry term that refers to the movement of your exhibit items between your carrier’s vehicle and your trade show booth space. Although this fee is unavoidable, knowing how drayage [...]

NPE2018: How to Use Technology to Your Advantage

Our team at Trade Show Supply has worked NPE: The Plastics Show for over 20 years. We welcomed the show to our backyard when it relocated to Orlando in 2012, and we had the privilege of experiencing the debut of the Zero Waste Zone in 2015. For NPE2018, ensure you use technology to your advantage. [...]

Double Decks: Take Your Exhibit to the Next Level

Double deck exhibits allow your brand to rise above the rest, both figuratively and literally. Take a look at our various double deck configurations that will maximize your usable floor space, increase your brand awareness and take your exhibit to a whole new level. With various deck sizes and price points available, what's stopping you [...]

Best Exhibits of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, our team has been reflecting on projects that provided us with opportunities to showcase creativity, functionality and our industry expertise. Although each project presented its own challenges, our team worked diligently to ensure that each exhibit was executed flawlessly to help our clients drive traffic, increase lead acquisition, execute [...]

Trade Show Product Displays & Demonstrations: 7 Options Every Exhibitor Should Know

Over 65% of adults are visual learners, meaning we absorb information presented in a visual way better than auditory. Why is this important? Because it means if you don’t use a visual stimulus at a trade show, you might not gain the attention of over half of show attendees. How do you avoid making this [...]

Best of Anaheim – Restaurants, Attractions, Bars & Dessert Shops

  Anaheim - Home to Disneyland, the Angels and So Much More It’s no secret that most trade show attendees think Anaheim and Disneyland go hand-in-hand, but this Southern California metropolis - that we call home to one of our West Coast offices - has plenty more to offer. So, if you don't feel like standing [...]

Personali-Trees Holiday Decorating

This December, Trade Show Supply's Orlando office decided to decorate the office with a Personali-Trees holiday tree decorating competition. Here's how the competition worked: The office was divided into 3 teams: Marketing/Design, Sales and Logistics/Operations Each team was provided with a pre-lit tree and $50 for holiday decorations Decorations could only be Trade Show Supply's [...]

Best of Atlanta – Restaurants, Bars and Attractions

  As a busy trade show city that is home to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, you will probably pass through the ATL soon enough. During your spare time off the trade show floor or an unfortunately long layover, take some time to explore our Atlanta team’s favorite restaurants, bars and attractions. Early Birds [...]

Best of New Orleans – Restaurants, Bars and Attractions

  In a city known for grand parties and creole creations, it is a wonder how anyone can get work done! With your next trade show bringing you to the Big Easy, we want to make sure you can enjoy all the city has to offer in your stay. Enjoy exploring our Best of New [...]

Trade Show Planning Timeline

Congratulations! You’ve selected an upcoming trade show to exhibit. Now what? Whether you’re an experienced exhibitor or the new kid on the block, a great plan can be the difference between a smash success or a show floor flop. To make your planning easier, we’ve put together a Trade Show Planning Timeline that includes important [...]