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Tips for Selecting and Preparing Your Exhibit Staff

80% of what trade show visitors remember about your company, six months after the show is over, is based on the brief and personal encounter they have with your booth staffer(s). Training your employees for the unnatural and seemingly chaotic trade show environment will ensure you make the most out of this significant marketing investment. [...]

Tips for Managing Trade Show Leads

With your exhibit rendezvous complete and hundreds of new leads generated by your perfectly trained exhibit staff, the most critical aspect of trade show marketing is about to begin… the FOLLOW-UP. According to CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) nearly 80% of of trade show leads are never followed up on by the trade show exhibitor.  If [...]

Intel’s Strategy for CES

If you’re still planning your engagement experience for CES 2016, take a look at these insights from Intel’s Program Manager, Victor Torregroza. Their unique approach to engaging visitors throughout their presence at the show was inspiring in 2015 and might give you some ideas of your own!

Don’t Get Zapped By Trade Show Electrical Services

Understanding trade show electrical services, rates and specs can be difficult. Luckily, our labor partners at TS Crew created this nifty infographic to help guide you on how much electric to order, how to save money and where to place your electrical drops. If you like this infographic and want to see more, click here for [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Drayage Costs

Drayage is one of the most misunderstood and infuriating trade show expenses that exhibitors encounter. Drayage -- also referred to as material handling -- is an industry term that refers to the movement of your exhibit items between your carrier’s vehicle and your trade show booth space. Although this fee is unavoidable, knowing how drayage [...]

Avoid Surprise Trade Show Expenses

Trade show services can sometimes rack up hefty surprise charges for the unwary exhibitor, as illustrated in this sadly accurate clip from our labor partners at TS CREW. Share your most surprising trade show expense with us by leaving a comment below. So how can exhibitors help control the often unpredictable expenses of exhibiting at [...]

11 Different Ways to Pay for a Trade Show Exhibit

Should we BUY our trade show exhibit? How much can we afford to spend on it?  Should we rent a booth to save money? What will we end up looking like at the show? These questions are debated in the hallways and conference rooms of every company that utilizes trade show exhibiting as part of [...]

Recap of NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase

With a show cycle of every three years, the International Plastics Showcase (NPE) landed in Orlando again in 2015. With over 2,000 exhibiting companies, NPE dominated the Orange County Convention Center for for over three weeks, including the move-in and move-out of 1.12 million square feet of floor space. In an 80’X90′ exhibit space, Wittmann/Battenfeld [...]

The Truth About Trade Show Labor

Our friends over at TS CREW created this great video that takes an insider’s look into the process of a trade show exhibit’s installation process. I&D is NOT an assembly job.   As an exhibitor, you expect that when you arrive to your booth space the morning of the show (or late the day [...]

Spotlight on IAAPA 2014

We had another great year at IAAPA in 2014 in Orlando with some stand-out exhibits and are so glad to learn that IAAPA will return to Orlando for the foreseeable future, committing to Orlando as their host city through 2025!                       One of our first [...]