Trade Show Supply has been serving exhibitors and sponsors for over 20 years with turnkey trade show services, custom displays, and exhibit rentals that help stimulate high quality engagements on the trade show floor.  For those engagements to happen, we link thoughtful strategy, compelling creativity, and streetwise execution to create an environment that attracts, comforts, and retains visitors in your trade show booth.  We design for logistics, with your goals and budget as our primary focus.

From our 20,000 sq. ft. Las Vegas facility in the heart of the convention district and our Orlando Service Center just 2 miles from the Orange County Convention Center, we are positioned to be your local resource in some of the busiest trade show cities in the nation!


Creative Design
Exhibit Rental
Graphic Production
Custom Fabrications
Installation & Dismantle
Storage and Warehousing
Trade Show Services: Creative Design

Creative Design

The standard belief in our industry is that most clients don’t really know the difference between good design and great design. Trade show exhibits and displays lead the pack of design misfires.

Too often we sacrifice real craftsmanship at the altar of expediency. Although we are all capable of recognizing the value of something great, budgets sometimes require choosing the cheaper, easier option instead.

Each trade show or corporate event has it’s own set of circumstances. Each convention venue, its own variables. Each exhibit booth its own functional requirements. One solution does not fit all. So how can we help you?

Exhibit Rental

When you partner with us, you get more than just exhibit hardware rental properties. You unlock a turn-key experience that bundles 5 major trade show services into one hassle-free package:

• Exhibit Design & Architecture

• Flooring, Furniture, A/V & Lighting Rentals

• Graphic Production

• Installation & Dismantle Labor

• Logistics Management

Trade Show Services: Exhibit Rental
Trade Show Services: Graphic Production

Graphic Production

Design your trade show exhibit well, and you’ll strengthen your brand, attract new opportunities, and help generate sales. Misfire with poor messaging, and you’re just part of the noise in the crowd.

Our investment in large format graphic printing technology, training and materials ensures we can make your vision a reality. Our graphic team pays attention to each and every detail, assuring consistency, vibrancy and responsibility for natural resources.

Strategically partnering with some of the largest and best grand format fabric graphic producers in the United States allows us to deliver quality and value you can count on. Whatever the environment you’re in, we’ll get you noticed.

Custom Fabrication

When we collaborate to design and build your trade show exhibit, we aren’t limited to standard “systems” like truss or aluminum frames. Though we certainly use these systems to create amazing displays, sometimes you need more from your exhibit design/build team.

Trade Show Supply fabricates custom trade show exhibits (for purchase and rent) on a regular basis, especially for our international partners that are used to building total custom stands on the show floor.

During your design consultation with us, our imaginations won’t be held back by what type of frames or systems are in our warehouse. Our creative team of designers and builders will find a way to create the perfect exhibit for you and your trade show goals.

Trade Show Services: Custom Fabrications
Trade Show Services: Installation & Dismantle

Installation & Dismantle / Show Logistics

Using highly skilled labor to Install and Dismantle your exhibit not only saves you time and money, it also brings many years of experience to your job. We can coordinate your exhibit installation and dismantle service anywhere in the world, with the same expert attention to detail no matter where your trade show itinerary takes you. We also have I&D supervisors who can, if requested, travel on your behalf to make sure that everything is assembled and dismantled properly.

Storage & Warehousing

An active trade show marketing program demands dedicated personnel. As a part of our trade show services, we can store your display, inventory your exhibits and graphics, and manage and repair your exhibit properties.

Our Total Exhibit Asset Management Program provides complete management of your exhibit properties, so that you can relax and focus on a successful event. When you’re ready, contact us and we’ll coordinate the show services, the pre-show preview, inspection, cleaning, packing, shipping and installation/dismantle of your exhibit. 

All inventories are stored in our secure storage facilities in either Las Vegas, Nevada or Orlando, Florida – depending on where it makes the most sense for your needs.

Trade Show Services: Storage & Warehousing