Deciding to exhibit at a trade show can be great way to engage your consumers and build your network. Before jumping into it you’ll need to think about what you want to accomplish at the event and how you’ll go about doing it. Here are four questions which will help you be prepared and guide you in mapping out your battle plan.

Where Should I be Located?

Your booth design should always communicate your brand essence and make people want to stop, but the reality is your budget will always impact design possibilities. One thing you can use to your advantage, no matter your budget, is the location of your booth. Try grabbing a spot somewhere in the main aisle(s), near an entrance, or at the end of a row as these spots have been shown to be high traffic areas. Also be wary of your neighbors – being next to a “show stopping” booth can either hurt or benefit you. Being near a prominent, high-traffic booth may help attendees that didn’t originally intend to visit your booth stop by and engage in conversation with you. However, being located near a direct competitor will require that you employ creative strategies to attract more traffic to your booth.

Who am I Targeting?

Some trade shows may attract thousands while other attract hundreds. No matter the size, your event strategy should always pertain to your target audience. If you’re targeting millennials, try implementing video and image heavy strategies. In contrast, if you’re targeting high-level (and likely older) business executives, try incorporating intimate meeting spaces in your exhibit. Ultimately, having a good idea of who you want to reel in will help you construct an effective game plan for reaching your target audience.

How am I Engaging?

Once you’ve chiseled out a design and decided who you need to attract, you’ll need to formulate your strategy of engagement. If you can make your product or service interactive, attendees will notice. Finding a way for customers to interact with your brand will give your audience a better sense of your value proposition and improve your chances of embedding your brand into the mind of your consumer. The best way to be remembered is to create an experience around your brand.

For tips on how to do this, check out our engagement blog:

What is my Post-Show Strategy?

Don’t let your marketing efforts fall wayside by not having a plan for engaging your leads post-show. Categorize your leads, customize your follow-ups and make sure you provide your leads with valuable information. Also, don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to follow up. If you wait over a week to engage, you risk fading out of your leads’ minds. Stand out from the competition and maximize your trade show ROI by having a post-show campaign that is ready to go. Whether that is a follow-up email campaign, connecting on LinkedIn or arranging a phone call with an Account Manager or Sales Representative, preparation is key.

Preparing for a tradeshow



Trade shows can be intimidating but having a well though out plan of attack should put your mind at ease and ensure you’re maximizing your trade show ROI.


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